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Funding Woes and the California Use Tax

California is in the midst of a horrible budget crisis. The Governor decided to cut 10% across the board, resulting in huge cuts to public education. I read somewhere that the state looses a couple of billion dollars in revenue a year due to people ignoring the California Use Tax. These are taxes we're supposed to pay on out of state purchases, like most Internet purchases from sites like Amazon.

In previous years it was pretty easy to ignore the California Use Tax while preparing your taxes with Turbo Tax. I vaguely remember it as a checkbox in some page containing other checkboxes. The explanation was a bit obscure as well. If you were supposed to pay taxes on your Internet purchases, you would have thought he software would have made this requirement explicit. It looked so tentative in the page, that it was too easy to completely ignore. Reading more about it you find out that you could always pay these taxes later by contacting the California Equalization Board, which could be …

The first entry

This is the very first entry. This blog is nothing more than a semi random, stream of consciousness set of notes as ideas, rants, comments, or crazy opinions occur to me during the course of living this exciting life... or not.

Why put out all this stuff? Why not? There's a possibility that some of this might be useful to someone, somewhere. Who knows... It certainly will be useful to me to be able to rant about issues that outrage me, like the level of funding for public schools in California, for example. More on this later.

And it's raining, and I'm bored. The dog needs to be walked, but who wants to go out on a day like this? I wanted to write a note about the California Use Tax, but I could not even start without an initial entry in this blog. So there. Now I can write about something interesting.