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Letter from summer camp

This summer our two daughters, ages 10 and 12, went to summer camp somewhere in the East Coast. It's the second consecutive year that they go to this camp. The camp has a strict "no immediate contact" policy, to prevent kids from extreme homesickness and parents from freaking out and aborting the full, three week, camp experience.  So, no phone calls, no emails, no cell phones. The only mechanism of communication allowed is physical letters. The kids have off time during the day when they're encouraged to write home. Letters are mailed using normal postage and take about 5 days to get to us on the other side of the continent. As soon as the kids leave we start mailing letters from home, so that they start receiving them during the first week and we space them evenly to keep them in good spirits. They typically start writing after a couple of days which means it takes a while to start getting news from them. (The camp posts pictures on their website, which also take a…