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Redwood City Teachers Union Meeting with Parents

On March 16th, Redwood City school parents held a meeting with officials from the Redwood City Teachers Union to discuss impending cuts. The District is proposing a 5 day reduction in the school year and is relying on the savings from that to address part of the shortfall expected in next year's budget.

Panel participants: Lisa Carlos, moderator. Bret Baird, president of the RWC Teachers Union. William Crowe, president elect. Kim Combs, Classified Union Rep. Jean Martin, member of RCTA. Ara Prigian, CTA representative.

The next section has my notes from the meeting, edited for readability, and without my own editorial comments. You can stop at the end of that if you'd like, or go on to my rather bleak take on the proceedings.
Notes from the meeting
The organizers pose 3 questions to get the discussion started:

Where is the union in the process of negotiating for this current year and what is your hope of where this process will lead?
How confident are you that the union's positi…