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illumio WordPress Widget

illumio is a desktop RSS reader that matches incoming articles to your interests and shows you the most relevant items. It presents the results using a newspaper metaphor, rendered in the browser. (Full disclosure: I'm on the illumio team). You can find more about illumio in its official website.

illumio is social, allowing you to ask questions to other illumio users and also to make comments on any article you see. Your comments are shown to any other illumio user that reads the article.

illumio provides a widget that shows the last 10 comments a person has made. It shows a snippet of the original article, the comment and a link to see the full article text in the illumio website. You can see this widget at the bottom right of this blog.

I packaged the illumio widget into a WordPress widget, which you can download below (right-click and "save link as" to download):


To use the widget follow these steps:

Make sure you're theme supports Widgets. I was usi…