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World Cup Fever? Not here.

Almost everywhere you go in the world the World Cup is an overwhelming presence. Nobody can talk about anything else. No TV program can avoid focusing on it. It's impossible to walk around cities without seeing soccer jerseys, news about the Cup plastered everywhere and a rising level or nervousness that drives people to ask incessantly: when, oh when does it finally start?!

But not in the US. And more specifically not even in the San Francisco Bay Area where there's a large population of foreigners. The only hint I got that the World Cup was upon us was a pamphlet from DirecTV MAS (the Spanish language package) containing the schedule of games and information about the participating teams.

Of course, I did not need the reminder. I'm among the many that define life as "a succession of those 4 years that seem to fill the void between World Cups".

As the Cup approaches, the level of intensity rises and I find myself constantly distracted and with an irrepressible urge…