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Looking for illumio in Google Reader

My old company, Tacit Software, has ceased to be: its intellectual property assets were acquired by Oracle. Two weeks ago Oracle shut down the illumio service, bringing the illumio experiment to a close. illumio was a feed reader with matching based filtering, dynamic interest discovery and adaptive matching. With illumio I was able to subscribe to more than 200 RSS feeds and keep up, as the system automatically showed me items most relevant to my interests. illumio automatically discovered what I was interested in and got better with use through my feedback. It presented articles using a newspaper metaphor, with a front page and sections grouping RSS feeds by topic area. It was addictive, but now it is gone, and I have switched to Google Reader.

Google Reader works well, updates quickly and is easy to read. I like the sharing feature and the ability to expose my shared items as an RSS feed. I use this feed to populate the box at the bottom right of this blog. I also like the incredibl…