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The Mess that is Digital Music

It used to be so simple... you had a pile of CDs, you carried a small collection around in a case of 10, swapped them in and out of your portable player or your car stereo. Then MP3 happened, then iPods, then iPhones and now the Cloud. It all used to make sense, but now it's all a mess. As new services have appeared, our family and number of mobile devices has grown, we've adopted them one by one. As of this writing, this is what we're using:
iTunes with a library of 30+ Gigs of music, mostly from ripped CDs, iTunes purchases and MP3 from Amazon's MP3 store.Amazon Cloud Player, containing all the MP3s purchased at Amazon.Pandora. We're paying for the monthly subscription.Spotify. We're also paying for this one. Our two teenage daughters can listen to whatever they happen to be into this week without having to purchase a bunch of albums that quickly go out of their rotation. Unfortunately only one person can use it at a time. When I want to play a particular song…