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Republicans: still without ideas

8 years of Republican rule and the last 30 years of the Reagan revolution have left behind a real mess that now needs to cleaned up by grownups. Obama is leading with a Stimulus Package that's critiziced by many as not being large enough to do the job. But at least, his proposal is finally something different and new. Investing in lasting infrastructure, directing money to benefit the working people. What a concept!

And what's the Republican response? They don't like it and they threaten to not go along with it. Why? Because they only policy decision they can stomach is... you guessed it... the same one of the last 30 years... TAX CUTS! Make them larger. Make them permanent. Make government smaller! Free the market! After being handed 2 horrible defeats in a row they counterattack with the same policies that got us here. They remain as clueless as they were in the past couple of years. Still without ideas.

Obama came in with high hopes of a new bi-partisan era of co-operatio…