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The closing argument

Tomorrow is election day. Finally! It's been incredibly hard to live for 8 years with George Bush in the White House. The worst presidency in the history of the United States is almost over... And not a moment too soon.

The time is upon us to issue a categorical and unequivocal repudiation of the last eight years:

No more incompetence in government!
No more dismantling of the social welfare net!
No more tax cuts for the rich!
No more preemptive wars!
No more unilateral foreign policy!
No more no-bid contracts for cronies and no more war profiteering!
No more free market fundamentalism!
No more torture! No more Guantanamo! No more "compromises" on civil rights.
No more... (add your own)

In this election the choice is clear. The republican party offers a continuation of these disastrous policies. More isolation abroad and more deterioration at home.

On the home front, the policies of the last 30 years, this radical right wing experiment, are causing the "Latin-Americanization of …