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The trouble with Wii Fit

I loved the idea of Wii Fit from the moment I heard it. On paper and in the ads, the concept is brilliant:

A fun exercise "game".
An innovative peripheral, the balance board, providing bio feedback and enabling a whole new class of exercise and gaming experiences.
A full set of exercises including yoga, strength, cardio, etc.
The usual, super cute design we expect from Nintendo.

Wii Fit promises to provide a fun way to exercise and keep in shape, all in a very sexy package. So, what's the problem?

The initial user experience is very, very good. You pair the balance board and right away you're tested with tests based mostly on balance. The assumption is that balance is a good measure of your overall core strength, fitness, etc. Since the balance board can weigh you, you first get your BMI and a rather dry assessment of your current state, where it's quite easy to be overweight, even for little kids. Then you do the randomly selected balance tests and are assigned your W…