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Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 for Wii: Absolutely Brilliant!

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2008 on the Wii is the best soccer video game ever made. Konami has used the unique control mechanisms afforded by the Wii to great advantage to revolutionize soccer games, resulting in the most advanced soccer simulation to date.

EA's FIFA was first out of the gate with a version for the Wii that did use the Wiimote-nunchuk combination to some effect, but their effort was merely evolutionary. It felt like the traditional soccer game with a couple of wiimote waving additions. I played it for a couple of weeks and then forgot about it.

I've had PES for a few weeks and I can't stop playing it. It's all due to the revolutionary control system. I have to admit that seeing the demo movies and reading about the controls was a bit overwhelming. The display is full of arrows, circles and other indicators that at first seem to distract from the actual action on the pitch. I wondered whether the control system could work at all, whether it could be manag…

iTunes top music retailer... still with DRM

Big news this week: iTunes beat Walmart for the top music retailer spot in the US. Makes sense... I visited Walmart once a few weeks ago and was appalled at the mess the CD section was. Who would want to buy music there?!

Unfortunately, a huge portion of the iTunes library still is not DRM free. This is a major nuisance. It goes like this:

I buy music on iTunes without really thinking much about it. It's really very convenient (read "fast") and works very well. (I have to admit I still like the physical CD with the original art and all that, but once it's ripped into the iTunes library I find no use for the original carcass at all.)

Anyway... at some point in the future I always end up trying to burn an MP3 CD to listen to large collections on the car CD player. Except that iTunes won't let me include DRMed items I purchased in the mix! A major, major nuisance. And it invariably pisses me off at whoever is responsible. Apple? The recording industry? iTunes should co…