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Save the Music!

The Redwood City Education Foundation produced this video to call attention to the rather deplorable fact that all projections indicate that due to the huge budget shortfall we're facing instrumental music will be cut next year in the Redwood City School District... Watch.

[youtube width="640" height="385"][/youtube]

The Redwood City Education Foundation is fighting hard to prevent this one and more cuts but raising funds before June when the School District needs to finalize its budget. If we manage to raise enough by then we can save instrumental music. Donate, volunteer, organize, spread the word, and read all about it in RCEF's Save the Music page.

And here are additional action items, from an email sent by Georgia Jack, one of the organizers of RCEF's Save the Music efforts:
Donate to help us reach our minimum goal of $100,000 to maintain 5th through 8th grade instrumental music programs for all of our student…