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Redwood City School Board Candidates Debate (Rush Transcript)

This is a rush transcript of the debate of candidates to the Redwood City School Board. It took place at the Redwood City School District office on October 1st 2009. It was hosted by the League of Women Voters of South San Mateo Country, SEPTAR and RCEF.

The candidates: Hilary Paulson, Jack Hickey, Maria Diaz-Slocum, Lea Cuniberti-Duran

The mechanics: introductory statement first, then questions. See how far we get on questions, take questions from the audience in the later section of the event.

The notes: these notes were taken in real time, using various degrees of point form. I tried to use the words of the candidate as much as possible, trying to summarize their arguments without introducing any editorial comments of my own. Any misrepresentation of their statements is completely unintentional and I'll be happy to make corrections if appropriate.