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RWC School District Proposed Cuts, April 30 Meeting

The Redwood City School Board met last night to present to the community the first round of budget reductions relating to the General Fund (the next round on Categorical funds is TBD). This is a summary, not an editorial comment of the cuts and their meaning.

The meeting consisted mostly of a presentation and discussion of the proposal, which is contained in this excellent document:
April 30 Board Memo: preliminary budget recommendations for 2008/2009
There are no significant news from Sacramento and any expectations of any improvement in the May revision of the Governor's budget seem extremely optimistic at this point.

So, the assumptions remain the same: the RWC School District will face a 6 million dollar reduction next year, 4.5 million reduced from the General Fund and 1.5 million from the Categorical Fund. Given the current reserves, the district is able to mitigate the impact of these cuts while maintaining the 6% reserve (3% required from the State and an extra 3% from our Sch…