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Dispatch from our dysfunctional Health Care system

Here in the US we enjoy the world's most expensive socialized health care system. The system provides insurance through private, for profit, insurance companies where most people get insurance through their employer. Depending on the employer you can choose between a limited set of health care options. All these have one thing in common: they are expensive, complicated, confusing, annoying, and ultimately result in loss of productivity of the American worker. And that's if you're lucky to be employed and have health insurance at all!

I call our system "socialized" because we get socialized health care. The patient experience is one where your doctor sees you for mere minutes before they need to run off and see another patient. There is no personal relationship with your doctor whatsoever, unless while you remain healthy. Our pets, who all see private doctors, in contrast, have wonderful personal relationships with their veterinarians. Going to the vet is a complet…