The Best Online Traffic School?

After paying my red light ticket, the epic story described in a previous post, the San Mateo County Southern Branch Court provided me with a list of about 80 approved online schools. Which one to choose? I expected the Internet in all its collective wisdom to provide the answer with a comprehensive site of traffic school reviews including all sorts of evaluation criteria (price, time to complete, use of animations, etc) and user rankings. To my disappointment, no such site seems to exist. I was faced with scanning a large list of URLs to pick a traffic school.

The first approach was to start entering URLs in the browser and try to deduce, from the home page, whether the traffic school would be right. Here's the list of schools approved by San Mateo County:

An ideal traffic school for me would be:

  • Responsive. Pages load fast. No stupid artificial delays like I experienced many years ago when I tried an online traffic school.

  • Efficient. Don't bug me with graphics, animations, games. Show me the information and let me take the test.

  • Not sneaky. Tell me how much it's going to be and avoid hidden charges.

  • Try before you buy. Let me see what the content is like before I have to commit.

The third URL I tried look good, much like a few others, the price was competitive ($19.95) but what clinched the deal for me was that I could take the whole course and pay at the end. No risk for me: try the course and stop at anytime if I get annoyed with it.

The winner had the most appealing name: Easy, Fast, Cheap, Online, Traffic school. Here's my short review of my traffic school experience.

The school is divided into sections and each section into multiple pages. Each page is 1 to 2 pages long (you sometimes have to scroll down) and it densely packed with text. There are some graphics, but mostly in the form of small icons. No animations, games, movies, nothing. No filler either. The text is short and to the point.

After each page you're asked 1 to 4 multiple choice questions. If you get them all right you move on to the next page. If you do not, you go back to the content to see the answer then take the same questions again. The site is very responsive and it's not annoying at all to go back and forth in this manner.

Interestingly, the text is lightly sprinkled with made up trivia about Speed Racer, which the course keeps reminding you "will be on the final". Did you know, for instance, that Speed Racer's favorite food was fish tacos?

The course tries to be funny, or encouraging by giving you a one liner whenever you pass on of the multiple choice tests, saying things like "aren't you glad you're not listening to an amateur comedian right about now"? I wished these pages instead gave you an indication of progress, like 10 out of 39 pages complete.

When you get to the end of the course, before you take the final, you're asked to pay for the course and pick delivery options for the certificate. The certificate will be issued and sent to you, not to the Court. It's important to get it in time to be able to deliver it to the Court before its due date. The course presents a plethora of shipping and processing options, designed to make you spend more. It's a bit of a nasty bait and switch, but since I took the course well in advance I could pick the suggestively named option "standard mail slower processing", for the base price of $19.95. The page also highly recommends getting a duplicate certificate for an extra $5.95, another seemingly pointless option which the cautious grad should seriously consider. Not!

After paying you're confronted with the final exam: 25 multiple choice questions, all pretty simple. I had doubts about a couple only. A very small, certainly less than 4% of the questions were about Speed Racer, who likes to hang out at the mall.

You hit the submit button, are told you passed, or not (I did) and a final button to click to get the certificate issued and send you to the brief and not annoying at all feedback form. It took me between 3 and 4 hours to complete the course. All in all, a pretty good experience. To summarize:

  • Total cost: $19.95

  • Time to completion: 3.x hours

  • Pros

    • No filler. No annoying graphics, gimmicks, games.

    • Information brief and to the point. Well written, easy to read.

    • Pages load fast. Easy navigation.

    • Simple questions, easy final exam.

    • Try before you buy. Great, great option.

  • Cons

    • SSH only for credit card transaction. You specify your password and give them your driver license number over HTTP.

    • Sneaky options at checkout. They should be upfront about these ridiculous expedited shipping charges. Avoid by taking the course early.

Overall: very good experience, highly recommended. (Note: I'm in no way connected to this traffic school, or to any other traffic school.) Is this the best online traffic school out there? Impossible to tell.

Hopefully this review will be helpful to other people looking for a traffic school.

I'm still quite amazed there's no site with reviews of traffic schools. I expect a good such site would have very high traffic and make a bundle on advertising, at the very least from the traffic schools themselves.

Another final thought: in these times of financial crisis for the state, why doesn't the state run the online traffic school itself? It seems like a rather trivial site to implement, with a large source of revenue, so trivial and lucrative that there are hundreds of Court approved sites already. I wonder how much the state could collect from this...


  1. Interesting info about this traffic school. I recently used and has a really good experience. You may want to check that out as well...although hopefully you won't need it again :)

  2. I just completed the course after spending way more time looking for the right 0n-line school than it took to prepare for AND take the test with this one! I highly recommend it. There actually is a Q about our fictional friend "Speed Racer" on the test, the "comic" part of this "traffic school".
    Beware, once you start the test, you can't leave or you'll be charged again, even though it's only a small amount. I wouldn't have interrupted, had I known how easy and quick the test would be. If you complete the course shortly after you get your ticket, you can get it done for $10 (by saving yourself more expensive delivery options) and I "revisited" quite a bit of useful driving info (with graphics) in the process.

  3. The course is bit lengthy. If you read all, it will take hours. But the material is easy to read and good presentation.

    The final test is not so difficult. I just completed in first attempt.

    Good luck and safe driving guy...!!!!

  4. Thanks for all this information! I was also hoping for a comprehensive list of schools and reviews, but this post has helped immensely. I did want to add that the "delivery options" is misleading. According to all documentation coming from the California courts, the schools are all REQUIRED to transmit a copy of your certificate of completion (complete w/ date completed) to the courts within 24 hours of completion at no additional cost to the student. Per the courts, as long as you take the course by your due date, any "expedited" certificate delivery service is UNNECESSARY!

  5. done in 70 minutes. hack: copy and paste each "lesson", then use search keywords to find answers when necessary.

  6. Thanks for the helpful review. I'm using the same online traffic school and so far so good.

    Thanks again -- Jean

  7. Thanks for your info! Just getting ready to sign up on best traffic school .com based on your rec! Much appreciated. Thanks for helping me sift thru the list!!

  8. Very easy. I typically take tests decently well, and I just finished it in less than an hour. Since I know traffic laws well, I just searched for "Speed Racer" on each page to find the trivia about him and was able to answer the quizzes after one or two tries only. The end did scare me a bit, because my browser sent me to an error page after taking the final exam. But after refreshing a couple times and ultimately logging back into my account, I reached a "Course Completion" page telling me that my certificate of completion would be sent to the court on my behalf. So I guess it's all good. Thanks for the suggestion! Very helpful and time-efficient.

  9. I was curious where the law or statute says that the provider must send the certificate to the courts, versus the impression I am under for San Mateo County, that I have to obtain the original - then snail mail it in.



  10. although online schools are good, i think we also need human interaction which we can only get from offline schools *,"

  11. I am taking this allegedly fast course right now - at your suggestion for it's speed etc. I am in shock. It's 6.5 hours long but I've been online since 10am doing it. No idea how you did it in 3 hours. I am going bonkers here lol...

  12. Great suggestion. This can be completed in less than an hour. Thanks for suggesting this site.

  13. Hi all , I just read your comments and give this online traffic school website a try. I feel it's not bad. But I also read Ingrid's comment of "Beware, once you start the test, you can’t leave or you’ll be charged again, even though it’s only a small amount. ".
    Does this mean after I pay and begin to take the final, if I need to stop , I better log out (so that the info will be saved), but not just close the browser ?

  14. I just used for traffic school. Pretty fast, took less than an hour. Was able to paste all the info into a word document and search for answers when I needed, but most questions were pretty common sense. There are 10-question quizzes at the end of each "chapter", but I don't believe it counts against you if you just skip through it; however, many of the questions were repeated during the actual test so I found completing these quizzes helpful. Price was nice, only $14 after using a referral code I found online (code is "EVENCHEAPER"), but if you need expedited shipping the price will be double that.

    Hope this helps as well!

  15. I'm in the middle of doing the driving test right now as I'm typing this message. Truth be told, anyone taking this online course will spend about 8 hours on the website. However, most of this is wait time, as there is a minimum number of hours each student must "attend." The course itself is very straightforward. There's five lessons broken down into parts with quizzes to follow. Each part takes less than 5 minutes to both read and test for. I'm in the middle of my seventh hour and probably spent a total of one hour reading/testing, and the rest waiting, watching tv, facebooking, etc. Otherwise, the material is easy to read and the quizzes are not at all tricky. I'm guessing the same for the 50 question test at the end.

  16. Not sure how anyone did this in <5 hrs. There is a timer on each page that starts out at about 8 min per page, but by the time you get into sections 4 and 5, it is 25min PER part. And, each section typically has 4 parts. Do the math, and this is going to take a while! Even if you log out and log back in, the timer keeps track of when the next time is that you can move to the next page.

  17. I've lived in Cali for 20 years and have had the dubious honor of doing traffice school 4 times - once in class and 3 times on-line... What I have learned is every school spends a LOT of time on discussing safety, safety, safety - a lot of which is common sense. A lot of which becomes horrifically boring after you've seen it once. Who hear doesn't know that drinking and driving is really bad idea...? Anyway, I read all the many sections, aced most of the quizzes and found the final to be mostly-common-sensical. Along the way, I cut and pasted all the the lessons into a word doc - and it came out to be over 100 pages!! It took me most of a Saturday and I powered!! If you are going to do this school, I recommend you skim the sections, try the quizzes, and do them again - if necessary.

  18. Thanks for the suggestion! Super easy, completed in about 45 minutes while watching one of my favorite shows! Just a note about some of the other comments, it depends on the county you live in if you have to use a timer. Thank goodness I didn't have to use one and being in CA it is electronically submitted to the courts for me. No need to copy and paste info into Word, you can simply press "Control F" when you are on any of the pages throughout the test to find any Speed Racer information or to find answers to a specific question. What a breeze!!!

    Thanks again! :)

  19. Cool! Thanks for this tidbit. I was wondering about the timers and why I had not seen them. And as luck would have it I just got another ticket and will be trying out this traffic school again very soon. Joy!

  20. I just wanted to share my personal experience with a particular traffic school that I attended recently called Fun 4 U Fast 2. I searched online for quite a few things that were important to me. I also browsed through pages upon pages of the Yelp forums and answers about the fastest online traffic school was so mixed, I decided just to pick one and went with http://fun4ufast2...

    I had found a promo code that was a few dollars off so it made sense to try. Not that I was looking for this but in my research, I even came across one person that mentioned a cheat that made it easier/quicker for this website, to which DOES NOT EXIST and IS NOT TRUE based on my professional experience (I have a BS in Comp. Sci. and a certification of CISSP).

    I have taken traffic school several times, all online and the following is my experience with Fun 4 U Fast 2. The school was moderately easy, but DEFINITELY not fast and DEFINITELY frustrating for an experienced person looking to take a refresher and test. Also, because of Los Angeles County law, you must be on the website for over 6 hours and 40 minutes before it will allow you to take the final exam. The website only allows you to page through the sections one at a time in sequential order and does not allow you to just leave it open for the entire time, then proceed at your own pace. I was forced into having to click a button when the countdown timers for each section and subsection pages ran down from 10 minutes to about 40 minutes was the longest timer I saw.

    - It took me MORE THAN 6 HOURS to take the course because of timers that were set up to delay the students. A java based countdown timer exists on every section of every page that even though you have read the material and understand it, requires you to wait a certain amount of time before progressing to the next study section. At the end of each study section, a brief test of approx. 10-15 questions of multiple choice and T/F is required.
    - A significantly frustrating aspect to taking this course was the questions on the study tests (that are required before continuing to the next section), that asked non course material related questions like "The author of this section stated the best time for lunch is 11:45." I kid not and was absolutely stunned that they would put this type of question
    - An 80% or better grade on any of the tests (both study and final) and if you were not able to succeed, it gave you ABSOLUTELY NO INDICATION which questions you missed to repeat the testing.
    - The final test consisted of ~40 questions that tested on material that was not specifically tested in the previous study pages so there was a potential there for failing. I ended up goggling any of the questions I was not absolutely sure of to get the answer which was VERY TIME CONSUMING also.

    Thanks for reading.

  21. It is kind of expensive to pay $19.95 while most other school charges less.

    I just finished with, it is fun (well ok) and cheap $13.95, I finished within 1-2 hours and be able to pay after I passed the final exam.

    If you are hurry and need certificate right now. it does charge extra $20 or more for quicker shipping. Otherwise, as for me, more than 6+ weeks until due day, I dont mind using their standard shipping (take 7 bussiness day) I find the whole experience pretty good.

  22. Took less than an hour...if you don't read the material. Copy and paste into a Word Doc and togle back and forth to find any answers that aren't obvious. Very easy. Thanks!

  23. I did the "Cheap Easy Fast" online traffic school (I think run by the same people) & it took an hour of my time (San Diego doesn't have a timer!) I LITERALLY got my certificate the NEXT DAY & did NOT pay any extra fee. I asked for normal (i.e. SLOW) processing that they said would take 3-4 weeks. I did as others suggested & copied & pasted the lessons into Word. It helped at the end for the couple questions that were not the same as the ones already asked previously at the end of the chapters. RECOMMENDED!

  24. Thanks so much Hernan, for your great review. To summarize, provides a good online traffic school course because of:

    -- "try now, pay later" - you pay only AFTER reading all the materials & quizzing to ensure you like their format ... so you pay right before you take the final exam.
    -- advertised $19.95 price is what you pay (if you need no additional services like quicker delivery)
    -- well organized material in 5 chapters (some have between 5-9 sub chapters)
    -- pages load and flip relatively quickly
    -- minimal extraneous comments to slow you down when reading material
    -- allows copying & pasting of material for later searching if you want to confirm your answers before submitting your answer sheet.

    My suggestions to improve the course:
    -- state at the outset (before we begin reading/quizzing) the certificate delivery time and associated cost (ie $19.95 to get certificate in ~4 weeks so that we can mail certif to the court).
    -- correct the grammar, punctuation, and run-on sentences (learn to use commas & periods) which force us to re-read sentences to ensure we have a proper understanding of what is being conveyed.
    -- state at the outset that only Los Angeles requires the timer to be running when we are taking the test.

    Altogether, the entire process took me less than 6 hours to study, pay, and complete the final exam. The reading/quizzing took me 5.5 hours but I really focused to retain all the info and copied/pasted the chapters into a Word doc as I went to ensure searchability during the final exam if needed. The final exam took less than 0.25 hour. The exam had 26 questions requiring 80% to pass, so you can miss five questions (need 21 correct) but they were totally easy if you focused when studying and nearly always verbatim. I toyed with the idea of just pasting & searching the materials in lieu of reading/quizzing, but I did learn some things by reading and the materials may encourage me to be less of an agressive (ie fun) driver.

    Thanks for he good course EasyFastCheap!

    P.S. - Get started early. If you need an extension, call your court. They gave me a one-time 2-month extension no questions asked. Then, when I learned that the certificate could take a month, I called the court and they provided another one-time 1-month extension. Thanks, Amelia.

    Review completed on June 2, 1011.

  25. Thanks for this. Another tip similar to Dennis's... Use Google Chrome to quickly save web pages, and open them in a new window. You can then use the Find feature to look for keywords. Google Chrome counts the number of matches and highlights the matches on the page making them easy to find.

    Thanks again!

  26. Thanks for the recommendation. Went through the training without reading using Firefox to match on "Racer". Finished training and final test in under 40 my Sunday back! :)

    Thanks Again!

  27. There's a site that does online traffic school reviews now. I went to this page: and signed up for the idrivesafely course.

    I ended up going with the idrivesafely course and the review was spot on. The course was a bit boring, but it was easy to navigate and I could go at my own pace. His link also included a coupon code which gave me a discount.

    He reviewed a bunch of courses and you can even select your state for more specific reviews. Seems like that guy spends way too much time taking traffic school.. LOL!

  28. Thanks to all for comments. Took 2.5 hrs with cut/paste and making sure with each quiz/test answer. TV going in the background. 2 monitors helps a lot flipping back and forth. Important that they automatically send a confirmation to the Court within 24 hours -- I waited until almost the last day and the auto confirm is key. Don't fret the few $ for whatever -- what is an hour of your time worth? Also if you have a timer (i.e. all in LA county), just watch some TV while you are doing this (etc). still better than wasting a day being on premise like the old days. Best to all!

  29. Thanks for the tip! Took me an hour! I just saved the lectures and searched through them to do the quizzes/exam :)

  30. This took more than 6 hours to complete!!!! I believe those that finished under an hour or a little more than an hour, live in a state other than California. In California online traffic school has a timer law. I thought it was only 100 min. This definitely took longer than that.

  31. Priscilla, I assume it's left to the individual county to decide. Here in San Mateo County (California) we do not require those timers. I know because I completed another delightful traffic school adventure recently and they weren't there.

  32. BEWARE if you got a ticket in LA County. You will be forced to spend a minimum of 30 minutes on each page and spend over 6 hours to complete it. This deceptive company doesn't warn you beforehand that the time may be extended because of this. That is absolutely cruel. especially for those who need to finish within a set time limit.

  33. I took only 30 min, including the final and the payment pages. The questions are really easy and it was not hard to pass every section without even reading the text.

  34. Not all of California has the timer law--I am in Riverside County, California and I didn't have a timer. Also wasn't required to answer questions correctly at end of chapters. If you get it wrong you stay and keep answering til you get it right. I went with for 18.95. It said though that my county was not allowed to cut and paste and it didn't work for me. But I just jotted down a few notes on feet or percentage and everything else was easy to answer.

  35. I recently got a ticket while making right turn on red and was caught by Red light ticket camera. I hated it too much. I went to court but was forced to pay $450.
    Judge allowed me to take online class and get rid of the points on my record. I had to pay $75 to the court to take this online course.
    Finally, to take the course online, I browesd through several online classes but finally stumbled upon gototrafficschool because of its less price and the ease of its website.I completed the course the same day :). I paid around $11 overall after using the coupon code.
    Use the coupon code X29-6MB-FD7 and save upto $5. This coupon is the best around and will be available till 2014

  36. Thanks for the tip! I used the site you recommended, copied and pasted each lesson into Word, used "search" to help me answer the quiz questions as needed, and then the final test was taken from the quizzes. I ended up paying an extra $10 for ID verification?? So total cost $30. The pricing was confusing, maybe I didn't need to pay that but it made it sound like I did. But the whole thing was done in 1 hour or so. No timer. I'm in Oakland (Alameda County) (CA).

  37. I am also in CA and just completed my course in 42 minutes. I used the CHEAP EASY FAST TRAFFIC SCHOOL. I Highly recommend this site. My ticket was in Stockton. There is no timer. I skimmed thru text, shot to the test, and most often got all answers correct which allowed me to move on to the next stage. I took a comedy cartoon course last time and that took me way longer (6 hours?) and was just annoying.

  38. I recently took traffic school at

    I wish I read your blog entry earlier because I was hit with a hidden fee for a throw away proof of completion PDF certificate.

    Also the short quizzes and final exam's sentence structure makes it very confusing to answer some of their questions. You'd think they'd proof read their questions before they publish them.

    Luckily, they use a simple JavaScript timer and I was able to bypass it by calling their submit() function from Chrome's JavaScript console and get to the final exam very quickly ^_^v

  39. I just used this course partly due to this review. It took me a full 4 hours though I was trying to speed read a lot of it and took a few 10 minute breaks.

    They try to make sure you are reading by the insertion of the Speed Racer trivia. I wrote them down (I had no idea how many they would ask and I was sure I would not remember them all) and it came out to be a full 30 different Speed Racer facts. In the final quiz there were only 2 Speed Racer questions for me.

    Overall I guess it was OK though my eyes feel like they are going to fall out of my head now from all the reading.

    Oh, and I passed first time. It claimed $16.95 on the front page but I ended up paying $35.95, Gotta watch those extras they try to scare you into at the end.

  40. After reading one of the reviews that mentioned "I Drive" I decided to check it out. This site was recommended by another reviewer as his second best choice. Well, I found out that this is a site that is also sponsored by AAA!!! Need I say more?

  41. From (better business bureau):

    On 1/13/2012 BBB confirmed that Easy Fast Cheap Online Traffic School had not obtained a necessary license from DMV Occupational Licensing.

  42. Is this a problem?

    This is based on a single complaint in the last 3 years?

  43. out of curiosity, with easyfastcheaponlinetrafficschool using the standard delivery, how long did it take you to get your certificate?

    I just finished taking it (pretty easy if you can figure out how c/p the text) and my due date is the 26th. I'm kind of regretting not choosing a faster delivery method, but I guess we'll see what happens.

  44. There actually is a website that reviews online traffic schools. He reviews maybe 5 of the biggest ones and they are really detailed reviews. I took the Improv Comedy course and found the review to be spot on.

    Here's the link:

  45. That BBB rating is a non-issue for me. I was given a list by the court in Oct. that included The list says it was updated/revised on 8/03/2012 (after the BBB published it's suposed findings). In CA my court documents list as the definative resource for CA approved traffic schools. I would think that each state has a similar resource.

    I found to be easy and fast but not really cheap. I went there based on these reviews and it did not disappoint. Use the Control+F (find) as stated here to highlight key words in the text "lessons". You can skip the reading, take the quiz (by scrolling to the bottom of the page), and use the back button or link to navigate back to the previous page or lesson in order to control+f the answer to question you don't know. I knew the answer to aprox. 85% of the quiz question without any research. I wrote down the answers to the Racer questions just as insurance. Total time inc. payment and filling out required feilds was 55 min. I wasn't racing and even took a short phone call. I did have a couple of page load errors but refreshing the page or hitting the back button a few times in seccession got the page loaded. Total price paid was 36.00 inc a downloaded cert that isn't nec at all. I just wanted to put it with my other records of this ticket. Overall very good! Well worth the price for ease of use and time savings! Hope this clarifies a few details in how to navigate this easy and fast traffic school.

  46. I used for a ticket in Sunnyvale, CA.
    Summary: $17.95 (with code) 90 minutes, don't pay for extras.

    They are on the list of DMV approved traffic schools. (Which says they've been licensed since 1/3/2013.) (Annoyingly, the DMV site doesn't have URLs for the approved online traffic schools, only phone numbers. (WTF!?) I matched the 800 number in the listing to that on the web site, but I didn't call them.)

    The price on the front page is $19.95. I found a referral code on the web that gave me $2 off (so $17.95 total). At the end, it gave me a code 78721 that will give you $2 off and promises to pay me $3. (I'm not holding my breath, but use it if you like. There are obviously lots of these codes out there, so use one.)

    I finished in about 90 minutes. (With the TV on and taking time to read some of the text out of curiosity.) I got 100% on the final on the first try. (You get a 2nd chance if you don't pass on the first. After that, you have to pay again.)

    There are no references to "speed racer" or anything like that. Now they have you answer a bunch of multiple choice "identification questions" at the start. (e.g. What's your favorite day of the week? With four to choose from). You have to give the same answer to one of these before each quiz and before the final.

    They make it a little harder to cut/paste now. (You can't just select text with the mouse or right click to save.) I use IE10 and was able to save each page as .txt. (Using ctrl-s and then selecting .txt format.) Obviously there was no timer for me.

    Each quiz is 4 or 5 multiple choice questions. Some are true/false. Many are "all of the above" or "c) a and b" (or something like that). Many are obvious without reading the text. Some want a speed or percentage answer (still multiple choice) that you may need to refer to the text to answer. If you get any wrong, it tells you which ones and sends you back to the text. When you click forward to the quiz again, you get the same questions.

    They still have some extra cost options, including something like $6.95 to electronically transmit your results to the DMV "immediately" (as opposed to within 24 hours?) and another ~$10 fee to notify you when the DMV has accepted the certificate and various other fees to send you a copy. I declined all of that.
    It still gave me a page to print my own certificate at the end.

    It did ask what your deadline was for the course. Mine was a couple weeks away. I'm curious if it jacks the prices up or pushes the other options harder if your date is closer.

    The final was 25 questions similar to those on the quizzes.
    One question on the final had a misleading typo. Something like "the principle action that cause distracted driving". "action" should have been "actions" as the right answer is "all of the above".

  47. Posting to confirm that was as easy and fast as advertised. I probably spent longer researching which school to use than I did taking the class. I skipped to the bottom of each page, took the quizzes, had to go back once or twice to look up 1 or 2 questions, otherwise really common sense. 100% on the final. whole thing done in 25 minutes. stoked!

  48. I just finished it was easy & cheap. Finished the whole course in 30 mins! Use this code for a $2 discount 117601. It will clear your ticket fast!'

  49. Use code 132183 for a $2.00 discount

  50. The easy, fast & cheap traffic school... lives up to its name!
    Use code 132183 for a $2 discount.

  51. Also used for a ticket in San Mateo, CA.
    Paid $20, don't pay extras, print out receipt from the last page after your final (not easy to see button at lower left hand corner).

    Started registration at 10:50am and completed final exam at 11:50am.

    Did not bother with copy/paste/print screen/control F or what have you.
    Didn't read anything, go directly to quiz at the end of each section. I got a couple questions wrong, but they direct you back to the page where I used FIND to get the answers.

    After completing 5 sections, you are asked to pay for the final exam. You can take it twice, passing score is 70%, 25 questions, one hour time limit.

    I was nervous but went ahead with the final. If you can good with taking multiple-choice tests, have common sense, should be no problem. There were maybe 5 questions or even more I was not sure of, I simply Googled the answers. My score was 96%, only one question wrong, but its due to a glitch - when you scroll down the page, make sure you are actually scrolling down the page, not changing your answers.

    Good luck and hope the original posters can get some referral money on this. I much appreciated this info.

    I was right turning on a yellow turned red, drove too slow, yellow too short, and after court reduction still $350.

    But I am going to move on. Good luck to everyone.


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