is no more, it has ceased to be... is no more, it has ceased to be, it has gone to meet its maker... was an essential site for soccer fans in the US. Way back when, in the early days, soccer programming was scant to say the least, and unpredictable. It was hard to know when the precious few games would be broadcast. It was during that time that Oliver Tse created this site and struggled to present soccer tv listings in a timely manner. I remember I contacted Oliver during those early days and volunteered to call Telemundo once a week, and pass the listings for the weekend to him. I did this for a little while. Eventually, Oliver figured out how to populate this data automatically and became the authorative listing for all soccer on US tv stations. The user interface was spartan and efficient. Many of us relied on the information on this site day in and day out.

Olivier announced a few months ago that he was selling the site, to focus on other activities. Today I had to look up the time of the Boca game, which for some reason was not listed in the DirecTv guide and found out to utter horror that is no more. Instead, the new owner of the site has put up a totally useless site that nobody should visit. is gone and at least for me it marks the end of an era. I miss it already.

Looking at other blogs I found the following site that promises to fill the vacuum:

I don't know how up to date this site will be and the user interface is not as simple as the old was, but if it provides all the info we need, we should be fine. Here's a note from the new site which mentions the demise of

Thanks Oliver for! For me it was an Internet institution up there with Amazon, Google and Yahoo.


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